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Connecting Africans in the diaspora to their roots

Exodus is an event organized by Pan African Rising Movement trice in a year to help Africans in the diaspora to migrate back to Africa (either permanently or not) and to connect back to their roots.

The goal is not only to bring Africans in the diaspora to Africa, but also to encourage them to invest in the economy of Africa and help in the development of Africa

Study the African Culture

Join the Exodus and learn about the diverse and beautiful culture of the African people. 

Be African

Eat all the delicious meals that Africa has to offer and learn about the menus to prepare them yourself. 

Wear African

So many variety of colourful cloths and fabrics to choose from. Wear your waist beads, smock, kente etc 

The beauty of Africa is in its peoples, culture and the spectacular nature you see everywhere. VISIT AFRICA

Places to Visit

Some Attractions

This is the highest mountain in Africa and the highest single free-standing mountain in the world. It is located in Tanzania.

The worlds greatest forms of architecture take their inspiration and idea from the great Egyptian Pyramids. Located in Egypt.

The Nile River in the longest river in the world and its located in Egypt. It servers as a source of water for irrigation farming and drinking

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